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nexus ties

Handcrafted works of functional art

Meticulously designed and a celebration of craftsmanship, our Nexus ties embody the Cataclistum ethos – a garment kept for special occasions.

The Nexus is the centrepiece of each Nexus tie. Designed in-house, this is a sculpted piece that replaces the traditional tie knot and defines the theme of the tie.

Our titanium alloy (Ti₆Al₄V) base* brings together all of the parts of a Nexus tie. It is lightweight yet rugged, corrosion-resistant and skin-friendly. Each piece is hand-polished to a mirror-like finish and contains a strong, gold-plated magnetic lock.

* patent pending

Magnetic Lock

Our characteristic Nexus piece replaces the traditional tie knot. With the use of our innovative magnetic lock, each Nexus tie can be put on in three simple steps.

Lift your shirt collar, unlock the Nexus base, and place the tie loop behind your neck.

Bring the two parts of the titanium base together. The magnetic lock will engage and keep the tie securely in place.

Lower your shirt collar and adjust the position of the Nexus, if needed.

Tailored Shell

All of our silk is designed in-house and woven in Sudbury, the silk capital of England, by artisan weavers with over 300 years of experience.

The silk fabric is combined with organic wool interlining imported from Italy and the finest Japanese and French silk threads.

Finally, using traditional hand-sewing techniques, we craft a one-of-a-kind, 6-fold necktie tailored exactly to your measurements, and finish it with a distinctive hand-rolled hem.

Nexus Hanger

Store your Nexus ties safely with our magnetic hanger made of leather and hand-polished stainless steel.

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